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The Advantages of

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The Advantages of Advanced Registration

When reviewing your template did you notice that there are additional features available?

The Datamatrix Maxima site, created through Advanced Registration, has been designed to provide you with a means of reaching the highest of Professional Standards.  This is made possible with the creation of a template providing you with a far greater capacity.

Everyone with Talent wishes to present their talent in a manner which will result in securing Work.  Work and recognition are the key words; Maxima Professional Publicity is the result.

You can complete Advanced Registration FREE and this will allow you to see just how exciting your site can become.  You will have up to seven days FREE to decide if you wish to proceed with the steps towards keeping this new site.  If you decide you do not with to keep it at the end of the seven day period your site will revert back to General Registration status.  This will mean that all of the features provided through Advanced Registration will be removed.  You will be advised via email of this process.

Here are the Advantages of Advanced Registration:

  • Talent Register will host and maintain your new site
  • This site has the ability to translate into any of 10 languages
  • Free Access to:,,
  • and of course,
  • To display up to 30 photographs (with one-touch enlargement capability)
  • To upload your Audition Videos and Movies
  • To upload your entire CV or Resume
  • To maintain a London Email (to secure your anonymity)
  • To have a London business mailing address (with forwarding)
  • To receive advice, guidance and contacts
  • To Chat with like minded people in the exclusive “Coffee Club”
  • To Link to your own personal Blog
  • To Link to your friends and relatives
  • To indicate your geographical preference for Work
  • To receive offers of Work
  • To review Work on offer
  • To expand on your experience
  • To list any credits or awards
  • To provide details from Reviews, Articles and References
  • To identify any affiliations; Unions and Guilds
  • To designate your Agent and/or Artist Manager
  • If you are an Author; to provide a synopsis or project description
  • To list your Literary Agent
  • To become Pro-Active and obtain help contacting Professionals

Once you have completed the Advanced Registration process you can immediately examine the results in your newly designed template.

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